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  T.L. Daggett Knives
T.L. Daggett Knives

Support and Reconditioning of Our Survival Tools

Product Warranty
Our knives come with a lifetime warranty for normal usage applications. Our knives are designed for a specific purpose. Usage or application outside of the knifes purpose will void the warranty. Should one of our knives fail after purchase by the original owner, due to faulty craftsmanship or material defects, an assessment will be honored. After the assessment, T.L. Daggett Knives has the right to make good of such defects by either repair or replacement.

This warranty does not cover any natural used materials, unintended applications, misuse, neglect, abuse, modifications, or alterations. Any detection of misuse, neglect, abuse, modifications, or alterations will void this warranty. This warranty is only valid for the original owner on file from purchase.

Our knives will be your most trusted tool, defense, and survival assistant. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Any product offers beyond knives have limited warranties stated as such at the time of purchase. Typically; sheaths 1 year warranty, apparel 30 day warranty.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase knives from T.L. Daggett Knives. Buyer is responsible for all state and local laws and by purchasing items, buyer is held responsible for all liabilities and will indemnify T.L. Daggett Knives from any legal actions.

Knife Reconditioning
Our knives are tough, but after being field tested time and time again may require some reconditioning. We offer reconditioning services for our knifes so that it will continue to perform the way it was intended. For an outline of costs, please see the price list below. If you have any questions about this service, please contact us!

Service Cost
Blade reconditioning sharpening $30.00 + Shipping Back
Handle and insert reconditioning $30.00 + Shipping Back
Replacement parts - costs to be discussed once knife is received. Call

When shipping your knife for reconditioning, please be sure to package it carefully, blades must be stored and shipped in the sheath. Ensure to include noted details explaining the purpose of the reconditioning and proper information on how we can contact you. It is advisable to insure your knife in transit. T.L. Daggett Knives assumes no responsibility for lost shipments.

Additional Support
For all other questions regarding T.L. Daggett Knives products and services, please contact us here.



  T.L. Daggett Knives