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  T.L. Daggett Knives
T.L. Daggett Knives

About T.L. Daggett Knives

Todd L. Daggett Knives

I have always had a calling to forging knives. My interest started around the age of nine forging 18th century reproductions I saw in museums and private collections. I started making many reproduction items such as plug bayonets, Scottish dirks, early American knives and flint strikers from buggy springs and files. I have always looked up to influences such as Herschel House, Glen McClain and Ed Fowler.

Today, I am an avid outdoorsman enjoying hunting with black powder and focusing on primitive survival skills while in the outdoors. In addition, I am a fifteen year member of the American Mountainmen, member of the Contemporary Longrifle Association, and I have been a Master Woodworker for over twenty years.

Throughout all my experiences, I have always envisioned a need for a multi-purpose knife or tool that could be used for hunting, chopping, prying and more. This vision has lead me in the direction of designing sophisticated, tough and yet practical knife/tool designs. The type of design that helps answer the question, "If you had to choose just one tool in a survival situation, what would it be?"

I hope that you will find the answer to that question through my knife designs. I want you to have an advantage over any survival situation while at the same time see fit to use my designs in everyday practical situations.



  T.L. Daggett Knives